Top 7 Best WhatsApp Tricks 2014

Are you searching for whatsapp tips and tricks? Here we provide Best Tricks to use WhatsApp. Get the WhatsApp Top 7 Best Tricks 2014. Use the Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips and have more fun.

WhatsApp is most useful and popular Messenger for Smartphone users. It has fee chatting, messaging and sharing of photos and videos free worldwide. Thus the WhatsApp App is used by millions of people and the number of users are increasing day by day. Here we have some tricks for the WhatsApp users to have more fun and get more functions in WhatsApp.


Top 7 WhatsApp Tricks 2014 – Get Best WhatsApp Using Tricks and Tips 2014

  1. Manage Privacy – Change Last Seen: Yes, you can change the Privacy Settings and can choose who can see you profile pic, status and your last seen. Go to Settings>Privacy> and select the option of your choice. However if you choose Nobody to see your last seen, you won’t be able to see others’ last seen. You can also choose for your DP and Status that who can see them (My Contacts / Everyone / Nobody).
  2. Block the People you don’t wish to Connect: You can easily communicate with friends and relatives with WhatsApp Messenger, But sometimes you don’t want to interact with some people. You can easily block them over whatsapp and they won’t find it ever. Go to Settings>Privacy> Blocked Contacts and Add the contacts you wish to block.
  3. Back up and Restore Chats / Messages: How to recover deleted chats / messages / photos on WhatsApp? If you are looking for this its easy. You can see Settings>Chats>Back up Conversations. Make sure your WhatsApp is backing up every day the chat data on your SD Card. When you lost the Chats or Messages, just go to SD Card and select WhatsApp folder. Find Database folder and Open it. Find Restore files and open them to process the Restore.
  4. How to Hide WhatsApp Photos in Gallery: It is too easy to hide the WhatsApp Photos in Gallery. Open Google Play Store / App Market. Search and Download “WhatsApp Images Hide” App and download it. With the help of this App you can easily hide WhatsApp photos in Gallery.
  5. How to Lock / Protect WhatsApp: Yes, WhatsApp can be protected so that nobody but you can access to it without your permission. Just visit the Play Store / Android App Market and search WhatsApp Lock. Find the Lock of your choice. You can also download App Lock. Download the Lock for WhatsApp App and install it. Now you can easily lock the WhatsApp and protect it.
  6. How to Change WhatsApp Background Wallpaper: You can change the WhatsApp Wallpaper on you Smartphone. Just Go to Settings>Chats and select Wallpaper. you will have four options, Gallery, WhatsApp, Default and No Wallpaper. Choose the Wallpaper of your choice and enjoy the chat with Wallpaper of your choice.
  7. How to Change WhatsApp Number: If you are changing your Cell Phone Number, you don’t need to delete your WhatsApp Account and then recreate it. You can easily Change Your Number from Settings. Just Go to Settings>Account>Change Number and proceed to Change Number Process. Use your WhatsApp with Changes Number without any trouble.

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