Top 5 Indian Bridal Hairstyles

In present time attraction is essential. Every place, every party, every occasion seeks attention by way of attraction. Whether it’s a general party or a special reception or wedding ceremony, women always remain the heart of the occasion, especially the woman concerned with the ceremony. The looks matters a lot as it is center point of attraction. Woman’s looks depends upon three main flows i.e. Wardrobe, Make up and Hairstyle.

In India the wedding ceremony is the best occasion to attend for any generation. Either Children, Youngsters or Older, every generation attends the wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony is a very old and traditional occasion to attend for everyone. In a wedding, the pair (Bride and Groom) is the stars of the occasion, everyone concentrates on the pair during whole ceremony. The Bride is the heart of the ceremony, Bride’s looks is quite important and seeks attention. The Bride’s appearance is based on Bridal Wear (Dress), Bridal Make up pack and Bride’s Hairstyle. The choice of Hairstyle must be selected according to Bridal Wear (Dress, Saree etc.). There are a few attractive  as well as suitable Bridal Hairstyles given as follows:

Top 5 Indian Bridal Hairstyles

1) Simple Embellished Braid:

Simple Embellished Braid Long Hairstyle

The Simple Embellished Braid hairstyle is the convenient with log hair. So the bride having long hair, wearing dress and want to get a romantic look should select this hairstyle with adding natural color to hair.

2) Traditional Bun:

Traditional Bun Hairstyles 2

Traditional Bun Hairstyles 3

Traditional Bun Hairstyles



The Traditional Bun Hairstyle is also for the bride with long hair. Firstly the hair is pulled upside and then it is twisted in a bun, in addition a flower or number of flowers added for attraction. This hairstyle is suitable with the bride wearing Saree or Lehengas.

3) Bohemian Hairstyle:

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle


bohemian bridal style hairstyles

The Bohemian Hairstyle is for the bride with log hair with some curls. I this hairstyle the hair is put flowing and loose from back. Manes and Velcro Curls are adjusted first. Then curls are crowned with tiara.

4) Waterfall Braid:




The Waterfall Braid is only for the brides having long hair. In this hairstyle the hair is departed in 6 or 8 parts from back and then twisted to each other.

5) Soft Loose Waves:

Soft Loose Waves

Beautiful bride

This one is the best option for the bride having long hair and likes to put off the hair loose.

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