Top 5 Indian Insurance Companies in 2014

In present segment the life of a person has been very unpredictable. There are plenty number of risks everyday an individual faces, no matter that individual is a working man, businessman, working woman, housewife, student or a child. Everyone has to fight risks everyday. There are types of risks like natural calamities (Earth quake, Volcano eruption, Tsunami, Overflow of Dam / River etc.) and some men-made disasters (Fire at home / Office / Factory, Vehicle Accident, Theft etc.) and there are also medical emergencies (Heart attack, Hyper tension, Harmed in Accident, Pneumonia to child & other decease).

The Risks are inevitable nowadays. Therefore, to face and get over these risks every person has the best option of Insurance. This option provides assistance at the time of necessity to a person. There are lots of Insurance Companies with big variety of insurances are available in India at present, so the person has to select the best policy from a reliable insurance company. Also there are varieties of insurance e.g. Life Insurance, Child Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Fire claim Insurance, Medical Insurance etc.  Here we are providing you a list of top insurance companies in India and details about them as under:


1) LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India:

LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India

LIC is one of the most popular and reliable insurance companies in India having the highest Claim Settlement proportion. The head office of LIC is situated at Mumbai, Maharashta. LIC is providing its best insurance as well as finance services to the public since 1956. The most trust worthy name in India is LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India.

LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India’s website:

2) Birla Sunlife Insurance:

Birla Sunlife Insurance

Birla Sunlife Insurance is a well-liked name among many insurance companies. It is a combined undertaking of Aditya Birla and Sun Life Insurance. Birla Sunlife Insurance is active since the year 2000. It is supplying services with more than 1.25 lacs workers.

Birla Sunlife Insurance’s website:

3) State Bank of India SBI Life Insurance:

SBI Life Insurance

State Bank of India SBI Life Insurance is very known name as the company has created a very good image as a bank. State Bank of India has been giving best banking services for a long time. And the prestige in Banking sector ensures the people in insurance company also. Thus SBI Life Insurance was formed in 2001 and presently is a steadfast company in India.

SBI Life Insurance’s website:

4) Tata AIG Life Insurance:

Tata AIG Life Insurance

Tata AIG Life Insurance is a recognized name as it says tata. There are lots of companies of Tata which are most growing companies in India. Therefore Tata AIG Life Insurance is acceptable company for people. It is mutual endeavor of Tata & AIG. The Tata AIG Life Insurance came into existence in 2001 having main office at Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Tata AIG Life Insurance’s website:

5) Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance:

Birla Sunlife Insurance

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is a very familiar name as insurance company having more than 1K working employees. It is a united enterprise of Bajaj FinServ Limited and Allianz. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance was started in 2001. It has also won SKOCH Renaissance Award 2013 and it’s headquarters is at Pune. It facilitates people with financial planning insurance as well as life insurance.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s website:


All the information presented above is as per our best knowledge and we have no intention to harm reputation of any organization.

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