Heart Attack Common Warning Signs and Symptoms

Heart Attack Warning Signs and Symptoms. In present time the people are facing so many critical situations and having unhealthy food (willingly or unwillingly) in day to day life. The hurdles faced by the people leads them to the deceases, not common deceases like cough and cold, minor fever. But to the higher critical deceases that can harm the important part of human body. The people who have tobacco, smoking and alcohol habits are inviting big health troubles for them and their families too. The people who have fast food, high cholesterol food so often get fat and suffer from Diabetes and Blood Pressure problems in their mid-life.

There are some situations in life that are not in a person’s control. But people often forget that they have 24*7 helplines. The most dangerous decease is carelessness at the time when the need of calling emergency. Yes, there are some more critical circumstances when people should call the emergency helplines rather than try giving trial and error of their own foolish ideas. The problem is that how a person can come to know that one of the family member or any other person nearby needs medical emergency. The heart decease is so common nowadays that lots of people dies due to heart deceases every year, and so many of them dies with heart attacks because of lack of knowledge about the heart attack signs and symptoms.

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The decease of heart attack is very serious as it affects the main flow of human body i.e. blood circulations. The decease is serious but it’s curable if the proper action is taken on the correct time. The carelessness about heart attack symptoms leads the patient to high damage to the heart and to the arteries from which the blood flows and reaches to the heart. The more severity of the decease is that it may lead the patient to sudden death if the patient is not cured on right time. The heart attack never happens hasty or all of a sudden that often shown in the films. The heart attack has some common symptoms that arise in the patient’s body before the heart attack happens. The warning signs and common symptoms relating to heart attack are described as follows:

Heart Attack Warning Signs and Common Symptoms

Heart Attack Common Warning Signs and Symptoms

1) Nervousness:

When the person has continuous nervousness and worrying, Afraid of dying in short future.

2) Change in Breathing:

When the person feels reduced breathing time or the family member notices breathing of the suffering person. In this symptom, the breathing is reduced from normal level and the person is having more than usual breaths.

3) Too Much Sweat:

When the person has continuous sweat irrespective of the climate of doing any hard work, then it may be a sign of heart attack.

4) Pain in Teeth or Having headache:

When the person has, irrelevant to any prior event or decease, pain in teeth or has continuous headache may be the symbols of heart attack.

5) Sickness in upper stomach:

When the person feels something wrong in upper side of the stomach and vomiting again & again unlike usual vomiting.

6) Pain in arms:

When the person feels pain in the arm either in left arm or in the right arm, at the time it may be the sign of heart attack. The left arm is more likely but it can not be surely said that it’s always the left arm.

7) Something unusual in the Chest:

When the person feels continuous light or heavy pain in the chest or having flame (as if it’s inside fire) in the chest (that is also continuous) and the person feels uncomfortable in the chest.

8) Change in Pulse:

When the pulse-cycle or pulse-rate of the person is become uneven (Abnormal) or the person misses a heart-beat. It may lead to failure of heart (i.e. sudden death).

Other Symptoms for Heart Attack :

  1. When the person feels unusual pain in backside continuously, it can be the sign of heart attack.
  2. Sometimes the person feels too much physical weakness, constant coughs that does not stop by having water and medicines.
  3. When the person feels (more seems in women) unusual tiredness without doing work.
  4. The person has feeling of aches (pain) in various parts of body (not usual).
  5. When the person often loses consciousness or feels like flash in eyes for a few moments.
  6. The patients suffering from diabetes may have a heart attack sometimes without any symptoms.

All the readers are advised to read carefully and share the details regarding the heart attack symptoms. When any of the heart attack related symptoms can be recognized, please get help of emergency helpline immediately. Remember a little care can save a life.

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