Fixed Deposit Interest Rates in India – Check And Invest

In present time every person wants a respectable job with satisfactory return (Remuneration) to meet the basic needs and also some for saving for future. Every person working in government organization or private organization wants to save some part of the earning for the emergencies that may arise in future as well as to fulfill the need of an asset (own house / own business) in future. There are so many ways to save money and the person either single or married must invest the money earned to the most reliable option with higher rate of return.

The person who saves some of  the money get earned every month. After a few months when the saved money becomes high enough to invest in any financial organization or bank to get something in return. There are some options to invest the saved money i.e. In Share Market, In Capital Market, In Bank as FD Fixed Deposit. The easiest and safest place is FD Fixed Deposit in a bank.

Now the questions are,

  1. In which bank should I invest?
  2. Which bank is easy accessible at any place I need?      And
  3. Which Bank gives higher rate of interest on Fixed Deposit?

The Details of Interest on Fixed Deposits in various banks are given below, So Check first and then Invest wisely:

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates By Various Banks (For More than One year Period)

  1. Lakshmi Vilas Bank: 9.75 percent per annum On 1 Year deposit
  2. Development Credit Bank: 9.90 percent per annum On 13 Months deposit
  3. The Ratnakar Bank: 9.75 percent per annum On 12 Months to 24 Months deposit
  4. South Indian Bank: 9.50 percent per annum On 400 Days deposit
  5. IDBI Bank: 9.30 percent per annum On 500 Days deposit
  6. State Bank of Patiala: 9.25 percent per annum On 555 Days deposit
  7. Dhanlakshmi Bank: 9.25 percent per annum On 375 Days deposit
  8. Central Bank of India: 9.25 percent per annum On 555 Days deposit
  9. Syndicate Bank: 9.11 percent per annum On 1 Year deposit
  10. State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur: 9.10 percent per annum On 1 Year deposit under SBBJ Dhan-Kuber Yojana
  11. UCO Bank: 9.10 percent per annum On 1 Year deposit
  12. Vijaya Bank: 9.10 percent per annum On 1 Year deposit
  13. Axis Bank: 9.00 percet per annum On 1Year to 13 Months deposit

Kindly Note Down that all the above Interest rates are best of our knowledge. Please refer to the official website of relevant bank and check the interest rate before investing. All the interest on Fixed Deposits, the interest received in any FD scheme displayed above is taxable.

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