fifa world cup 2014 match schedule of Matches At Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule of Matches Available. The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament. The FIFA i.e. Federation International Football Association was found in 1904 under governance of Swiss Law and based in Zurich. The last FIFA World Cup was organized in Africa in 2010 and this time In 2014 the 20th FIFA World Cup is going to be held in Brazil.

fifa world cup 2014 will have one month’s long tournament in 12 different cities of Brazil. The Football lovers, Get ready as the FIFA World Cup knocks at the door, Check out FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule of Matches, Teams participating, Broadcasting channel and all other details described as follows:


 Teams Participating in FIFA World Cup 2014

1) Algeria  2) Argentina  3) Australia  4) Belgium  5) Bosnia and Herzegovina  6) Brazil  7) Cameroon  8) Chile  9) Colombia  10) Costa Rica  11) Cote d’lvoire  12) Croatia  13) Ecuador 14) England  15) France  16) Germany  17) Ghana  18) Greece  19) Honduras  20) Iran  21) Italy  22)Japan  23) Korea Republic  24) Mexico  25) Netherlands  26) Nigeria  27) Portugal  28) Russia  29) Spain  30) Switzerland  31) Uruguay  32) USA

All the teams will be divided into 8 Groups i.e. From Group A to Group H and the Matches will be held From 12th June 2014 to 13th July 2014 in 12 different cities of Brazil. The FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule of 64 Matches will be as under:

FIFA World Cup 2014 Schedule of 64 Matches To be broadcasted on ESPN channel From 12th June 2014 to 13th July 2014

Date & Time:                     Group:      One Team & Opposite Team

12th June 2014  5:00PM        A               Brazil v/s Croatia

13th June 2014  1:00PM        A               Mexico v/s Cameroon

13th June 2014  4:00PM        B               Spain v/s Netherlands

13th June 2014  6:00PM        B               Chile v/s Australia

14th June 2014  1:00PM        C               Colombia v/s Greece

14th June 2014  4:00PM        D               Uruguay v/s Costa Rica

14th June 2014  6:00PM        D                England v/s Italy

14th June 2014  10:00PM      C                Cote d’lvoire v/s Japan

15th June 2014  1:00PM        E                Switzerland v/s Ecuador

15th June 2014  4:00PM        E                 France v/s Honduras

15th June 2014  7:00PM        F                 Argentina v/s Bosnia and Herzegovina

16th June 2014  1:00PM        G                Germany v/s Portugal

16th June 2014  4:00PM        F                 Iran v/s Nigeria

16th June 2014  7:00PM        G                 Ghana v/s USA

17th June 2014  1:00PM        H                  Belgium v/s Algeria

17th June 2014  4:00PM        A                  Brazil v/s Mexico

17th June 2014  6:00PM        H                  Russia v/s Korea Republic

18th June 2014  1:00PM        B                  Australia v/s Netherlands

18th June 2014  4:00PM        B                  Spain v/s Chile

18th June 2014  6:00PM        A                   Cameroon v/s Croatia

19th June 2014  1:00PM        C                   Colombia v/s Cote d’lvoire

19th June 2014  4:00PM        D                   Uruguay v/s England

19th June 2014  7:00PM        C                   Japan v/s Greece

20th June 2014  1:00PM        D                   Italy v/s Costa Rica

20th June 2014  4:00PM        E                   Switzerland v/s France

20th June 2014  7:00PM        E                   Honduras v/s Ecuador

21st June 2014  1:00PM        F                   Argentina v/s Iran

21st June 2014  4:00PM        G                  Germany v/s Ghana

21st June 2014  6:00PM        F                   Nigeria v/s Bosnia and Herzegovina

22nd June 2014  1:00PM       H                   Belgium v/s Russia

22nd June 2014  4:00PM       H                   Korea Republic v/s Algeria

22nd June 2014  6:00PM       G                   USA v/s Portugal

23rd June 2014  1:00PM        B                   Netherlands v/s Chile

23rd June 2014  1:00PM        B                   Australia v/s Spain

23rd June 2014  5:00PM        A                   Cameroon v/s Brazil

23rd June 2014  5:00PM        A                   Croatia v/s Mexico

24th June 2014  1:00PM        D                   Italy v/s Uruguay

24th June 2014  1:00PM        D                  Costa Rica v/s England

24th June 2014  4:00PM        C                  Japan v/s Colombia

24th June 2014  5:00PM        C                 Greece v/s Cote d’lvoire

25th June 2014  1:00PM        F                  Nigeria v/s Argentina

25th June 2014  1:00PM        F                  Bosnia and Herzegovina v/s Iran

25th June 2014  4:00PM        E                  Honduras v/s Switzerland

25th June 2014  5:00PM        E                 Ecuador v/s France

26th June 2014  1:00PM        G                 Portugal v/s Ghana

26th June 2014  1:00PM        G                 USA v/s Germany

26th June 2014  5:00PM        H                 Korea Republic v/s Belgium

26th June 2014  5:00PM        H                 Algeria v/s Russia

Round of 16:

28th June 2014  1:00PM                            1A v/s 2B

28th June 2014  5:00PM                            1C v/s 2D

29th June 2014  1:00PM                            1B v/s 2A

29th June 2014  5:00PM                            1D v/s 2C

30th June 2014  1:00PM                            1E v/s 2F

30th June 2014  5:00PM                            1G v/s 2H

1st July 2014  1:00PM                            1F v/s 2E

1st July 2014  5:00PM                           1H v/s 2G

Quarter Finals:

4th July 2014  1:00PM                            W53 v/s W54

4th July 2014  5:00PM                            W49 v/s W50

5th July 2014  1:00PM                            W55 v/s W56

5th July 2014  5:00PM                            W51 v/s W52


8th July 2014  5:00PM                            W57 v/s W58

9th July 2014  5:00PM                            W59 v/s W60

Play-Off For Third Place:

12th July 2014  5:00PM                             L61 v/s L62


13TH JULY 2014  4:00PM                           W61 v/s W62

All Matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 will be broadcasted on ESPN channel.

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