Ebola Virus: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Ebola Virus: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention. Get Complete Information about Ebola Virus, Infection Possibility, Treatment and Steps for Prevention of Ebola Virus.

Nowadays, it is heard about Ebola Virus which leads to very critical condition to the patient. Any person who gets infection of Ebola Virus, will have uncontrollable bleeding inside and outside of the body which may lead to death. The Ebola Virus, also called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is very dangerous disease for any Adult or Child. The Ebola Virus was first seen in Central and West Africa. Recently the World News showed that a person who is Medical Staff at World Health Organization (WHO), arrived at Germany for Treatment of Ebola Virus. The person was infected with Ebola Virus at West Africa. So it is very serious matter, everyone should know about the Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (Ebola Virus) Symptoms, Treatment and most important Prevention.

Infection Possibilities of Ebola Virus:

The Ebola Virus leads to Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever which infects any person as follows:

  • If any insect (e.g. Mosquito), which is infected with Ebola Virus, bites on your skin.
  • If any infected animal comes in touch with you in any manner.
  • If you get a needle infected with Ebola Virus.
  • If you come in contact with a person who is knowingly or unknowingly have infection of Ebola Virus.
  • If you are taking care of a person who is suffering from Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever.

Symptoms of Ebola Virus / Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever:

The common symptoms of Ebola virus are as follows:

  • Fever with High Body Temperature (Normal Body Temperature is 98.6 F or 37 C).
  • Headache
  • Ache in Joint (e.g. Knee-ache)
  • Muscle and Abdominal pain
  • Sore Throat
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Pain in Stomach
  • Vomiting, Diarrhea etc.
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Trouble in Swallowing
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • Fever (Like Malaria, Dengue or other tropical fevers)
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Hiccups
  • Reddening of the eyes
  • Blood Vomiting
  • Weakness

It takes 8 to 10 days to show the Symptoms of Ebola Virus after getting infection of it. The starting symptoms may seem similar to other fevers but then the critical symptoms starts occurring like Internal Bleeding or Skin-Rash Bleeding.

Treatment of Ebola Virus / Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever:

The specific treatment for Ebola Virus (Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever) is not available yet. However, the treatment is processed as supportive in nature and reducing the symptoms like maintaining Oxygen level, balancing Fluids and Electrolytes, Controlling of Bleeding, Pain management, Give medications to cover other infections.

Prevention for Ebola Virus:

Prevention is all about How to SAVE yourself from Infection Ebola Virus. If you can save yourself from Ebola Virus, then you can be safe from the other critical troubles.

  • If you are infected with Ebola Virus, kindly stop to come in touch with other people to save them from Infection.
  • If you find any person who have same symptoms as mentioned above, kindly bring them to the nearest Physician immediately.
  • Stop to be contracting with infected blood or discharge (secretions).
  • If you are taking care of a person who is infected with Ebola Virus, then wear the protective clothes like Mask on Face, Gloves in Hands, Gown on body and Goggles.
  • Hand washing is very important. Wash the hand with Soap or Clean ash or sand in case the Soap is not available.
  • Ebola Virus can be reduced through heating with 60 Degree Celsius for 30 to 60 Minutes.
  • If you don’t know about the Heating method, kindly Don’t try it yourself and rush to the nearest Physician.

So, if we fight together against Ebola Virus, we can make a difference. The above mentioned information is best of our knowledge. If any person finds any of the Symptoms of Ebola Virus in self or any other person, kindly consult the nearest Physician for Primary Diagnosis and Treatment.

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