Allahabad Railway Station Blast 21st June 2014

An Explosion on Railway Track in Allahabad Railway Station on Saturday, 21st June 2014:

From the information received in News, A bomb explosion took place on a railway track in Allahabad Railway Station in the evening at 5:40PM on Saturday, 21st June 2014. There two (2) bombs exploded on the Railway Track of Allahabad Railway Station and at that time the Train to Jaunpur was about to arrive. The fire was raised up to 40 feet height. The gateman immediately informed the nearest railway station and the authorities took immediate action by stopping all the trains in the middle before Allahabad Railway Station. The Railway Police and other Authorities ran to the place fast.

A report against the unknown person(s) has been filed. Due to this explosion, all the trains departing from Allahabad were postponed and stopped for around One and Half Hours. So many passengers have face inconvenience because of this bombs explosion. The blast has put the Allahabad City into disappointment and anxiety. It is still not recognized that who did this explosion and how the bombs reached to the Railway tracks in Allahabad Railway Station.

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